Fantasias and Dances from renaissance Italy

Lutemusic of Francesco da Milano, Joanambrosio Dalza, Francesco Spinacino, Alfonso Ferrabosco, Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger

SR--RL7-course Lute after Wendelio Venere, Padova 1592, by Nico van der Waals, 2005

Francesco da Milano - 'The prince among lutenists'
There are many descriptions of Francesco's consummate skill as a performer, those that heard him were transfixed by the 'angelic sound of the divine Francesco'.
"Francesco da Milano - a man who is considered to have attained the climax of perfection (if such is possible) in playing the lute well..."
- So begins a contemporary report about Francesco da Milano, the central figure of this program. He had a phenomenal ability to play the lute. His fantasies show a mature style and sophisticated contrapuntal technique and belong to the majority of his work. Some are slow and thoughtful, others outward and full of virtuosity.
Surrounded by compositions of his contemporaries as well as his successors an important part of the Italian repertoire is presented in this program.


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