"A Dream"

– John Dowland's Dream

Lutemusic from England and Italy in the early 17th century

Sigrun Richter8-course Lute after Giovanni Hieber, Venezia 1580, by Nico van der Waals, 2007

John Dowland (1563-1626) was probably one of the greatest genius in Europe according to music. But as a Catholic, he had to accept not being able to reach the position as first Lutenist at the Court of Elisabeth I in his homeland. One reason for his melancholy? Moreover, it was said, he had a "difficult character".
During the concert, we accompany Dowland on his trip to Italy where he wanted to study with Luca Marenzio his idol concerning the madrigal-style.
His Pavans and galliards with their dedications to English courtiers let arise a picture of the composer and his time not without humor and irony.
Compositions by Laurencini and Kapsberger, Dowland reflect the impressions of Dowland's journey.


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