Bassi Ostinati

17th Century Music for Lutes, Archlutes and Chitarrones by Frescobaldi, Kapsberger, Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Marcello, and others

img004Lute Ensemble Testudines
Direction: Sigrun Richter

Ciaccona, Passacaglia, Romanesca and other Bassi Ostinati, that is the theme of this program: music from the golden age of the lute. Numerous compositions give us an impression of the great virtuosity and the unbelievable versatility of the improvisation skills of the lutenists of that period.

The lute ensemble Testudines under the direction of Sigrun Richter demonstrates many different kinds of lute instruments, typical of the various periods from Renaissance to Baroque: lutes, Archlutes and Chitarrones. Contemporary music also belongs to the repertoire of the ensemble.


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