Les Accords Nouveaux III

FRANÇOIS DUFAUT – Musical Portrait of a great lutenist


the rarest man I hope to see upon the lute.' (Constantijn Huygens)

Listen to the Suites of François Dufaut, one of the most famous lutenists of the French Stile around 1630. He was also among the inventers of the experimental tunings, the so called accords nouveaux which leaded finally to the d-minor tuned lute, the today called baroque lute.

François Dufaut (1604- - 1670): Suites in c-minor, g-minor, B flat- major, d-minor and Jacques Gallot le Vieux: Prélude, Le Sommeil de Dufaut

The emergence of a different world of sound, a new style of lute music became apparent – the beginning of the seventeenth century is full of new developments for the lute. A subject fascinating the musician Sigrun Richter time and again. François Dufaut was one of those 'revolutionaries', who finally invented the new 'Baroque tuning' for the lute by way of the 'Accords Nouveaux' (see also the recordings 'Les Accords Nouveaux' I and II, ambitus: amb 97 828 and amb 97 921).

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