Mandolino LiutoFollia – A constant temptation: each new variation should be crazier then the prevoius one.

Music from the renaissance and baroque period for Mandoline, Lute, Chitarrone and Baroque Guitar

Works by Diego Ortiz, Michele Farinelli, Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger,
Domenico Scarlatti, Arcangelo Corelli

In his famous book „The praise of Folly" published 500 years ago Erasmus of Rotterdam praised Folly in a humorous way depicting her as a benevolent goddess, who has inspired the human race ever protecting us from the bitter seriousness of life.
There is no musical genre that comes closer to this world view than the "Follia", a form of composition which has been a major factor of music history since the 15th century. There is hardly a famous musician who has not put his or her signature to at least one such composition.
It is a constant temptation: each new variation should be crazier than the previous one.
The concert presents music full of highly virtuoso improvisation, joy, imagination and of course... Folly, and also texts of Erasmus of Rotterdam and Miguel Cervantes played by Sigrun Richter and Aldo Vianello on an impressive collection of instruments:

Sigrun Richter
Chitarrone, 14-course, after Wendelio Venere, Padova 1611, by Nico van der Waals, anno 2002
Arciliuto, 14-course, after Matteo Sellas, Venezia 1639, by Nico van der Waals, anno 2012.
Soprano Lute, after Magno Tieffenbrucker, Venezia ca. 1590by Bernd Holzgruber, anno 1992
Chitarra barocca, after Belchior Diaz, Lissabon, Portogallo, 1581, by Nico van der Waals, 2011

Aldo Vianello
Mandolino G.B.Fabbricatore 1794,
original instrument, restored anno 2003 by Nico van der Waals.


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