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mont.torreMusica Antica a Monterone:
The medieval village is located on top of a hill, surrounded by strong fortification walls. The old facades, made of natural stone, follow the small winding lanes that reach down the hill. A wider view opens towards the River Foglia Valley, surrounded by the Alpe della Luna ridge. It is here, where you should stop and listen and sharpen your senses. It was here that the idea to create a lute music festival was born: Musica Antica a Monterone.

The Festival following the topics Lute, Ancient Music and Art, provides yearly events of concerts in combination with workshops exhibitions of lutes and guitars, lectures of literature and exhibitions of Art. Changing aspects of music and dance, music and poetry, music and lute-making, music and art, draw attention towards the whole cultural and historical background of the instrument and its music.The small Piazetta front of the church is the scene of some musical events.


monterone Nordansicht webApart from her concerts Sigrun Richter holds Master classes for lute and early music ensembles every year during the first week after Easter.

Monterone – "Castello del Liuto": As a dedication to our work in the context of the series MUSICA ANTICA A MONTERONE in 2009 Monteronegot the title"Castello del Liuto". An appropriate sign at the entrance calls the visitors attention to the musical environment.

In 2010, the Museo del Liuto, Monterone 5-6, was opened.
In addition to the permanent exhibition of lutes and guitars, at the Museum of the Lute are exposed pictures on the iconography of lute: The lute in paintings from the MiddleAges to the Baroque period.Representations of still life ("naturamorta") illustrate the history of the lute in sections of frescos and paintings of Byzantine, Roman, Middle Ages and the Renaissance to the Baroque period.

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